The Harvard Town Assessor has been conducting the FY 2023 Quinquennial Revaluation as required by Mass. State Law. This update of values ensures that all property is assessed at full and fair market value as of January 1, 2022. The Assessor has received preliminary certification by the Mass. Dept. of Revenue.  Public Disclosure period will be available to the public from Tuesday 11/1/2022 to Tuesday 11/8/2022.  
The revaluation requires the verification, analysis and use of at arms-length sales from calendar year 2021. Sales from the year 2020 were used to value property when the numbers of 2021 sales were insufficient for analysis. Market trends may indicate that different property types may change in value more or less than other property types. On average class 101, single-family homes, increased in value by approximately 15%; class 102, condominiums, increased by approximately 14%; the Commercial class increased by approximately 15%; and the Industrial class increased by approximately 34%. Individual parcel valuations may vary from the average class increase due to typical differences, data updates and corrections, new construction and the effect of market trends for specific characteristics.   
The preliminary assessed values for FY 23 will be available for public review beginning Tuesday 11/1/2022 to Tuesday 11/8/2022 here.  
Contact the assessor during the public disclosure period to ask questions, review, discuss and request changes in proposed values.  
The Assessor’s Office is open from, 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday.  
David Manzello 
Harvard Town Assessor


The FY2022 Residential Tax Rate is $17.91. The Commercial/Industrial/Personal Property Tax Rate is $17.89. (Rates are per $1000 of assessed valuation)

FY2023 PROPERTY DATA INSPECTIONS - The Town Assessor's Office is in the process of conducting periodic property data inspections.  These inspections will take place during weekday hours. Inspection notices and questionnaires were mailed to properties to be inspected. The data collector is a representative of the Assessors' Office from Regional Resource Group who will carry a field ID card, use a personal vehicle, and will be checking in with the Harvard Police Department daily prior to start of inspections. The property inspection is brief and includes a measurement of the exterior of all structures, an inspection of all improvements, and an interior verification of data such as bedroom and bathroom count, physical condition, square footage of living space. This ensures that the data on which your assessments are based is correct and will result in full and fair cash value. We thank you for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact our office with any questions you may have.

Mission Statement:

The role of the Assessors Office, under the direction of the Town Assessor, is to list and value all Real and Personal Property throughout the town of Harvard. The Department of Revenue requires that all property is valued at full and fair cash value which ensures that all property owners pay their fair and equitable share of the yearly tax burden. The Assessor is obligated to revalue all properties yearly and, once every five years, undergo a state recertification audit.

The Assessors Office also administers the following programs:

  • Real Estate and Personal Property Abatements
  • Personal Property Forms of List
  • Real Estate Exemptions
  • Chapter Land
  • 3ABC Exemptions
  • Income & Expense Forms
  • Motor Vehicle Abatements
  • Abutters Lists
  • Name/Address Changes
  • Map updates

The Assessors Office is available to answer your questions and concerns during regular business hours. You may also contact us by email. We are happy to provide assistance in filling out abatement applications, chapter applications and exemption applications. Our goal is to provide courteous and efficient service.

Harvard's Geographic Information System (GIS) is now available to the publicClick here for more details.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Carol Dearborn Assistant Assessor (978) 456-4100x315