On-Line Property Data Information

July 13, 2022:  The Town has recently changed how property card information is accessed.  All property record cards are now linked directly from our GIS Mapping site, located at www.axisgis.com/HarvardMA

To access the property cards, go to the map through the link above and type the address, owner name or property ID into the search bar, and click the property you are interested in from the available options:

Search Box

Once you select the property, the map will center in on that parcel and pop up the information box for that parcel.  On the first tab of this box, under the image of the building, you will see a link labelled "Vision Property Card".  You may have to scroll down in the window to see this:

Information Box

Clicking on this box will open a PDF copy of the Assessors Property Record Card for the property.  This card is updated once a year, after valuations are approved by the Department of Revenue, and bear a watermark stating the Assessment Date the card is current as of.  If you need more information, or need current ownership information for recent sales, please feel free to contact the Assessor's Office.