Harvard - Devens Jurisdiction Committee

Passage of Ballot Question #4 at the 2017 Town Elections directed the Board of Selectmen to “begin planning for and initiate discussions with appropriate parties with the goal of presenting a plan to the Town of Harvard voters to resume jurisdiction over the land presently part of Devens formerly under the jurisdiction of the Town of Harvard…”

Accordingly, the Harvard-Devens Jurisdiction Committee is charged with instituting a process for developing a plan to resume jurisdiction, including, but not limited to, the following tasks:

  • Manage the process and timeline to collect and report additional information as requested by the Board of Selectmen;
  • Provide status reports to the Board of Selectmen on at least a quarterly basis;
  • Meet with Harvard Town Departments and Committees to review and seek input on Devens topics as set forth in the 2016 Master Plan;
  • Meet with MassDevelopment and Devens Departments (particularly DPW, Fire and DEC) to review and seek input on Devens topics as set forth in the 2016 Master Plan;
  • Hold periodic public meetings to inform and seek input from the general public, including Devens residents.  It is recommended that an initial kick-off meeting be held to provide an overview of the findings in the 2016 Master Plan and proposed next steps;
  • Upon the request by the Select Board prepare a draft “Request for Qualifications” for a planning consultant to assist in the development of a plan.  An initial proposed scope of work is outlined in the attached draft RFQ, dated 12/11/17, and set forth in the 2016 Master Plan;
  • Seek funds to underwrite the cost of consultant services;
  • Following the issuance of the RFQ, review proposals and recommend a consultant firm to the Board of Selectmen; and
  • Keep state legislators and MassDevelopment informed as work progresses.

The Committee, which will be appointed by the Select Board, shall be comprised of 9 Harvard and Devens residents and the Town Planner.  Recommended appointees are:

  • Two members of the Board of Selectmen
  • One member of the Planning Board
  • Members-at-Large:  Five residents, at least one of whom lives on Devens.

It is recommended that the Committee be provided seed money in the amount of $5,000 to cover initial costs associated with preparing and disseminating documents such as the RFQ and grant applications.