Nashoba Associated Boards of Health

The Harvard Board of Health contracts the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health (NABH) to serve as Harvard's Health Agent, with Ira Grossman of the NABH serving as Harvard's Registered Sanitarian.  NABH provides Harvard with public health services in the following areas:  food service permits, subsurface sewage disposal system review and advice, disease surveillance and follow-up, inspection sevices, and public health nurse services.  

NameRoleContact Information
Main Office 978-772-3335
Ira GrossmanRegistered Sanitarianx306
Tamara BedardPublic Health Nursex340
Bridgette BraleyFood service applications and questionsx303

The NABH keeps office hours Monday through Friday.  If you are unable to reach the Harvard Board of Health during office hours, feel free to call the NABH.  They may be able to assist you.  NABH can also be reached through their answering service in the event of after-hour emergencies.   

Please also visit the NABH website for additional information: