Land Stewardship Subcommittee

Town of Harvard Conservation Commission Land Stewardship Subcommittee (LSS)

Mission Statement:

To assist the Conservation Commission in managing conservation land owned by the Town of Harvard to promote:

  • Understanding of existing wildlife and habitat condition
  • Habitat integrity and diversity
  • Identification of wildlife corridors and plant communities worthy of protection
  • Maintenance of fields and trails
  • Development and implementation of land management and forestry plans in an open process with regular communication with town boards and officials, citizens and neighborhoods.


The LSS will consist of seven members, appointed by the Conservation Commission, at least one of whom is a member of the Conservation Commission. Initially, two members will have one-year appointments, two will have two-year appointments and three will have three-year appointments. Thereafter terms will be for three years. The subcommittee will appoint a chairman and clerk from among its members.

The LSS may, at its discretion, appoint smaller project groups and may draw on citizens outside its members to support such work.


Meetings shall be held in a manner consistent with the Open Meeting Law (MGL c. 39, s. 23A & B). Copies of approved minutes will be sent to the Conservation Commission in a timely manner and shall be maintained and made available to the public in accordance with public records laws and regulations (MGL c.4, s. 7(26); MGL c. 66 s. 10; CMR 32.00, and other applicable statutes). The LSS will report quarterly to the Conservation Commission to discuss findings, plans and strategies for implementation, and will consult before any major undertaking.


Subject to prior consultation with the Conservation Commission, the LSS may apply for grants on behalf of the town from grant funding organizations to help pay for activities that are consistent with the subcommittee’s purpose, including paying for consultants.

The LSS may solicit proposals from outside experts to assist them in achieving their mission and make recommendations to the Conservation Commission as to hiring and implementation. It will oversee and review this work. Funds for surveys and forest plans may come from the Conservation Fund. Any monies generated from stewardship activities will be held in a revolving fund to be utilized for conservation or management of conservation land.

Subject to prior consultation with the Conservation Commission, the LSS may apply for permits on behalf of the town from Town or State regulatory agencies for projects and activities that are consistent with the subcommittee’s purpose.

Committee Members

Wendy Sisson
Jim Adelson
Peter VonConta
Pam Durrant
Jim Burns
Brian McClain
Rob Traver