Finance Committee


The Finance Committee shall consist of seven voters, no one of whom shall be a Town officer elected by ballot or an appointed officer or employee receiving a salary, who shall perform their duties without salary or compensation. Members shall be appointed by the Moderator to staggered three-year terms. The Moderator shall exercise due care in the process of selecting members to ensure that the Committee represents a cross section of the Town as a whole.

Vacancies and Reappointment:

Upon the occurrence of any vacancy or conclusion of a given term, the Board of Selectmen will publicize the opening and invite candidates to submit a letter of interest and qualifications to the Town Administrator. The Moderator shall present the candidates at a meeting of the Board of Selectmen allowing time for public participation during the meeting. The Moderator shall make the appointment no later than sixty days after public notice of the vacancy or conclusion of a given term.

Associate Members:

The Moderator shall appoint two associate members to the Finance Committee who shall participate in the Finance Committee’s duties and functions but without authority to vote. The associate members shall serve one-year terms. Candidates for associate membership shall adhere to the same appointment process as set forth in §36-4, and may apply for reappointment to subsequent one year term(s).

Term Length: 3 years

Board Members