Ayer Road RFI

This page is exclusively dedicated to information related to the recently opened Ayer Road Project Request for Information (RFI). The date of closing for this "bid" will be noon on September 28, 2020. Please address any questions on this to Christopher Ryan at [email protected] and they are posted below.

Please also refer to the latest version of the Framework Plan Draft HERE.


  1. NBBJ
  2. BETA Group, Inc.
  3. Form-Based Codes Institute at Smart Growth America
  4. Houseal Lavigne Associates
  5. Streetsense
  6. McCabe Enterprises
  7. YARD & Company
  8. DPZ
  9. Environmental Partners
  10. TEC
  11. Harriman


QUESTIONS FROM PRE-BID CONFERENCE - For complete answers to questions from Pre-Bid, please see video of Zoom HERE (Email Chris Ryan for passcode)

Does the Town already have a transportation consultant on separate retainer, or is the Ayer Road study consultant expected to include one on its team?

  • Yes. TEC, Inc.

Could you explain the relationship of this RFI to the subsequent RFP process, please?

  • RFI will inform development of RFP. RFP likely to be released next spring based on outcome of Annual Town Meeting.

What is the status of the TIP project?

  • 10% Design Phase.

What are the Town’s thoughts regarding “in-person” engagement versus virtual engagement in view of the prevailing pandemic and relative to the anticipated timing of various tasks?

  • Hopefully Covid will be less of an issue but Town has held in-person meetings for Town Meeting and others but if necessary, we can use online as may be required.

When do you anticipate the RFP being released and responses due?

  • Spring 2021 and likely give six weeks for responses. Firms should advise if that is adequate given the scale.

What recent engagements with the community have there been on any related planning projects?

  • Ayer Road TIP project public meeting, Town Meeting consideration of an upzoning of corridor (failed).

Is the town currently conducting any assessments on business impact as a result of the pandemic?

  • Not specifically but we have conducted outreach related to economic development impacts of Covid.

Is the Town open to considering regulatory approaches other than a Form-Based Code, such as a hybrid code?

  • Yes.

In line with the prior question, what mechanism does the Town envision using for implementing the form-based code – a overlay, a municipal-wide replacement, an equivalency format, or some other mode?

  • Expect a base zone but willing to consider other options. Overlay in experience tends to be confusing for users.

Earlier, there was a reference to 100% leakage for retail and services - who conducted this market assessment and when was it conducted?

  • MRPC ESRI analysis dated 2017.

Is there an up-to-date comp plan or vision statement for the area?

  • 2016 Master Plan

Will firms who did not submit for the RFI have the option of submitting for the RFP?

  • Yes