The Harvard Harbormaster is a volunteer role in town with a mission to help all users safely use Bare Hill Pond (BHP) with little to no conflict. The Harvard Harbormaster operates with a belief that prevention is 100X more effective than enforcement and 10x less expensive. The town's harbormaster is an appointed role that allows the town to provide local permission under state law to place docks, moorings, rafts or floats in BHP (a Great Pond as defined by the state). In this small town the role is limited to these permitting responsibilities and the installation, maintenance and removal of the town docks and moorings. Police action on the pond is deferred to the Environmental Police. The Harbormaster is however identified as an enforcement officer for violations to the town bylaws and can bring fines to the town administration for collection. 

The Harbormaster also participates in the town lottery and supports Park & Rec with compliance. A Carrying Capacity Analysis is available on this site that and it identifies the boating density and limitations on the quantity of launched ski boats. For this reason, large users are required to have permits such as the Town, the Bare Hill Rowing Association and Green Erie. It is not the intend at this time to monitor or regulate all of the moorings, rafts and docks of home owners on the pond as long as they are not more than 100' from shore. The Harbormaster has also marked a few of the most dangerous rocks in the pond with marker buoys. Tampering with a marker buoy is against federal and state law. All state boating laws apply and below we have provided a link to the states boating guide that makes it easy to understand your responsibilities. 

Finally, the Harbormaster would like to have all users of our wonderful resource enjoy their time on the water while being courteous to other users and staying safe. If you have issues on the beach or with parking, contact Park & Rec. The Harbormaster has no authority on those resources. If you find an unsafe conditions or use on the water, please let the Harbormaster know. If it is an emergency, call the Harvard police (at 911) or the State Environmental Police at (508) 564-4961. 

Enjoy Bare Hill Pond!

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Robert O'Shea Harbormaster (781) 640-4641