Insurance Advisory Committee

Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC) described in Ch. 32B, Section 3:

  • Prior to the purchase of said insurance, and execution of all such agreements or contracts within the limits established by said sections, the appropriate public authority shall consult with an advisory committee for the purpose of securing the written recommendations of a majority of the membership of said committee.
  • Said committee shall consist of eight members as follows: seven persons to be duly elected or appointed to membership on such committee by organizations of the employees affected, and one person who shall be a retiree of a governmental unit who shall be duly appointed to membership on said committee by the appropriate public authority.
  •  If the appropriate public authority finds that the committee’s recommendations in whole or in part cannot be included within the aforementioned agreements or contracts, at the written request of any member of said committee within thirty days from the effective date of the agreements or contracts, the appropriate public authority shall submit to said member, in writing, the reasons for the rejection of any or all of the recommendations and a copy shall be filed with the commission.
  • The appropriate public authority may execute said agreements or contracts for a period not exceeding five years; provided, however, that the portion of the cost of the premium per month to be borne by the governmental unit shall not exceed the estimated monthly cost for which funds have been appropriated for the then current fiscal year.

Committee Members

Peter Murphy
Nicholas Ammesmaki
James Babu
Mary Zadroga
Liz Allard
Lisa Gagnon
Janet Vellante
Lindsay Ames

Harvard Teachers Association
School non-union
Personnel Board/Employee Rep
Finance Dept