Agricultural Advisory Commission

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Agricultural Advisory Commission, sometimes hereinafter “the Commission”, is to support commercial agriculture and other farming activities in the Town of Harvard. The Commission’s duties shall include, but are not limited to: serving as facilitators for encouraging the pursuits of agriculture in Harvard; promoting agricultural-based economic opportunities in Town; acting as mediators, advocates, educators, and/or negotiators on farming issues; working for preservation of prime agricultural lands; advising the Board of Selectman, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, Board of Health, Historical Commission, Board of Assessors, and the Open Space Committee, or any other appropriate Town Boards, on issues involving agriculture; and  pursuing all initiatives appropriate to creating a sustainable agricultural community.


The Agricultural Advisory Commission shall consist of five members appointed by the Select Board, the majority of which Commission’s membership shall be substantially engaged in the pursuit of agriculture. All members of the Commission must either be residents of the Town, or owners and farmers of agricultural property within the Town.

There may be up to three alternates appointed to the Commission by the Select Board. Said alternates shall be designated by the Chair of the Commission to fill any vacancies at meetings of the Commission, regardless of the reason for the vacancy.

Term Length: 3 years