Annual Street List /Census

In January each year, the Town Clerk's office mails out the Annual Street List, also known as the Census, to every household in Harvard. This is done in accordance with Massachusetts General Law c.51 s.4. Please return your Census within 10 days of receiving it. It can be mailed back or dropped off in the Town Hall Dropbox to the left of the front doors.

According to Massachusetts state law, failure to return a completed census shall result in removal from the Active Voting List. Click HERE for information on Inactive Voters from the MA Secretary of the Commonwealth's website.

What do you need to do?
Verify that the information on your Census is correct and complete. Write in any missing information or corrections as needed. Once finished, sign and date the bottom and return to the Town Clerk's office as soon as possible.

Did someone in your house move? Put an "M" in the Moved/Deceased column next to their name and enter their new address. If they are a registered voter, we will need their signature before they can be removed. If the moved voter signs the Census form, they will be removed as a voter in Harvard and can register to vote in their new community. 

Do you need to add a member to your household? Write in all of their information and be sure to include their Date of Birth since we cannot add them without it.

What is the purpose of the annual town census/street list?

Massachusetts General Laws require that cities and towns conduct an annual census of its residents as of January 1 of each year. The local census is used to maintain active voter lists and jury lists as well as aid in school enrollment projections, public safety, and senior citizens’ needs and for certain privileges such as veterans’ benefits and proof of residency for state colleges and universities. The census information does not register anyone to vote, but failure to answer the census may result in a voter’s name being removed from the active voter’s list.

The Federal Census is taken every ten years and includes more detailed information. Please click here for demographic information from the 2010 Federal Census.